Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 2

How do you get ready for something that you only feel is going to happen? You aren't exactly certain or anything in the situation. Feelings can always be wrong...

Today I have been observing people, a lot of them seem to be growing more and more lethargic. Also I've started my zombie research. So much folk lore! I guess I should forget about researching zombies and research on what weapons I can afford.  They say flamethrowers are great but who's gonna carry a 70 pound tank ? plus the ammo is only going to like about 5 mins so whats the point? So the main option is guns. few guns lots of ammo and a few helpful non clumsy friends. and maybe a chain saw near by. I'm gonna go try and recruit a team wish me luck!


  1. swords don't need ammo

    neither do bats, clubs, crowbars, etc. and thee
    are all "quiet" weapons

    rice is light weight and very nutritious and a little goes a long way

    iodine (medical) can make water safe and drinkable, a little goes a long way

    drive on highways much ? ever notice those little solar panels on the roadside, hooked to a construction sign or light or w/e?
    lite weight easy to get post apocalypse electricity.

    you can make home made armor from 5 gallon pickle buckets. Just cut the bucket long ways (top to bottom) and then lay the halves on their side and cut them into strips. you can then rivet these together to make banded armor. Line the inside with leather or hell use fun fur. After a day of slaying zombies, taking that bloody mess of armor off and seeing that sill bright fun fur on the inside would help you retain some sanity.

    works great against batons and rubber bullets so I'd imagine zombie teeth not fairing well against it.

    keep the gas tank above half full in your car.
    ditch your wi-fi and cell and get hard lines, the internet may still function for a while.

    avoid federal and local government evacuation plans, thy always lead to mass amounts of traffic and then dead people, plan your own route ahead of time.

    own your own maps of the country I recommend the big fat Rand-McNalley truckers atlas. found at any truck stop and is one of the best atlas' you can buy.

    more basic survival tools include the usual, clothing in layers, compass, multi-tool, good lite weight back pack. flashlight / head lamp (red l e d is best)

    good luck !

    davz not here

  2. Thanks for all of those tips. They are greatly appreciated. Hopefully we shall both make it out alive.

  3. most bed frames are sturdy enough to withstand weight on it and can be used well on a car as a battering ram, only light objects though so that it can be used for a while

    cell phones may not be useful anymore but they can be used well as a distraction for the zombies and also a signal that can alert your presence to any other survivors

    most grocery stores can be very useful for a quick stop on your journey. Most have a pharmacy so there should be medicines there or in the vitamins aisle that can keep you alive if necessary, especially from disease. Also most sell common weapons like grill equipment and kitchen supplies for a quick advantage in a close fight

    zombies are created by a virus that takes over the stem of the brain which controls basic motor functions and hunger so if you disconnect the stem from the body, the zombie is dead.

    Chainsaws are good as a weapon but they are also very loud so they will attract more zombies in the area. Basically use it when in an emergency and ditch it while its running to distract the zombies.

    Cut off the ends of a basic pen and pull out the ink and pieces. Add a few slips of paper in it and they will serve as a filter so that fresh oxygen can be inhaled if needed.

    Never stay in one place for a long time (common sense but just in case)

    When in a pinch, salt will clean out a wound very quickly and tea bags will help a wound close up faster so keep these on hand for an emergency.

    When in doubt, use plastic bags to quiet your footsteps so that you are able to sneak around without any attention brought to you.

    Do not go to any major stores because that is where most people will go, risking an outbreak to occur much faster.

    When finding a survivor, keep your distance and watch for any signs of being infected by a zombie and be ready to eliminate them if the risk does occur.