Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 1

I'm in a panic I need someone! Anyone to believe me. I'm sorry for seeming psycho. Ok, Let me calm down and regroup my thoughts. Deep breaths, ok So my name is Kathleen but my friends call me Kat. You can too if you'd like. So what's my problem you ask? Well, I have been talking to my friends and telling them about how I think that the Zombie Apocalypse should be near and they just think i'm silly, or crazy or lying... You believe me don't you? I mean I know we just met but lives are in danger. I need you help to prepare for this. What should I do? What should I get? If I smell like a Zombie Then they won't eat me right? Ahh. ok. Well i'm going to start researching and we shall regroup as soon as possible I don't think that anymore time should be wasted. In the mean time I think we should look for a zombie survival guide on ebay or something. Sleep while you can.

- Kat


  1. You deffinatly arent the only one thinking about the Zombie Apocalypse. We at Z.A.T.O are interested in helping people prepare for whatever type of Zombie Apocalypse we might encunter. We have a twitter page, but we mainly update our facebook page. We are also trying to help build teams for the ZA. If interested in what we have to offer knowlage wise, visit our page.

  2. Kat your not the only one that feels this is going to happen I know it is I'm prepared for it weapons I don't have many guns I have my bow and I have been in martial arts since I could walk I prefer hand to hand combat silence is key to survival that how I earns my alias (nightwolf) but guns are a good idea

  3. This is a problem that people are afraid to acknowledge but it's not a matter of if it will happen it's how soon it will happen and IM sorry to say this but it's already started